Monday, July 29, 2013

WOW! Check Out What I've Been Up To!!!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know what I've been up to since I moved my location from here to

Here are my most recent articles that are not currently on this site.  I'll include the links in case you want to go visit to check one of them out.  If you are re-routed to the main page, which seems to be happening, check under the archives for July for a specific post that you are looking for.  Thanks.

If you are a follower of this page, please be sure to follow at the new site because that is where I will be posting all my new posts.  I appreciate the fact that you all keep stopping by!!  Please "LIKE" and "SHARE" each post that you enjoy!!  It may brighten the day of someone you care about and they will thank you!  Love you!!

  1. "22 Years Of Marriage - Our Secrets Revealed - Part 1" - We have been asked by so many people what our secrets are for being in a relationship for so long and how we have kept the love alive.  Part 1 and 2 go into a little detail about what our secrets are.  We encourage you to share yours or ask questions.  Check Part 1 out at:
  2. "22 Years Of Marriage - Our Secrets Revealed - Part 2" - Here is part 2 of how we have kept things alive for more than 22 years.  I hope you will find something new to use in here.  We also encourage you to share with us your favorite tip and one of yours if you have one.  You can check part 2 out at:
  3. "They Will Always Be Loved" - A short post about my men.  The big question, "How do you connect with your loved ones and how often?"  Check it out at:
  4. "Is Your Universe Out Of Balance?" - In this one I talk about what balance is when it comes to your life and how to get back in balance.  This will help you be more at peace with your day-to-day life.  You can view this one at:
  5. "Journey Toward The Spartan Race" - You will learn a little more about me and get to see me in action.  This is a feel good story about perseverance and mind over matter.  It discusses how you really can do anything you put your mind to. I am living proof!!  To find out more, click:
  6. "This Is My Dream" - is a poem I wrote about following your dreams and not letting anyone else try to bring you down or distract you.  This one received a lot of traffic and likes.  You too can enjoy it at:
  7. "10 Famous Quotes On The Importance Of Your Thoughts" - This is exactly as the title suggests, with maybe a not-so-famous (YET) quote of mine thrown in.  This is a quick read but very inspirational.  You can reach it by clicking:
  8. "Optical Illusions - What Do You See?" - This is a fun post with several optical illusions.  I tie these in with the idea that there are several ways to view people and events.  Sometimes we need to look a little closer.  These are fun but be sure to read and think about the message around it.  Click here for this one:
  9. "Introducing Yogi" - Yogi is our year and a half old German Shepherd who is a big part of our family.  I just talk a little about him, what he means to us and the tricks he can do.  This is a light hearted piece with some very cute pictures.  You can enjoy this one at:
All of these and many more can be found at my new location at www.PeaceAndHappiness Project where I continue to talk about how to reduce your stress and increase your inner peace and happiness.  I hope you will follow the new page and share the pieces that touch your heart.

I can also be found on Facebook at Words That Touch Your Heart, my author page.

Thank you as always for stopping by!!

Missy Cantlin Bell


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